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Aahhh, Winter weddings! I seriously get so excited when couples choose to marry within the cooler months of the year - I love that they're stepping out of the typical wedding season hype, discovering so many options to create the ultimate romantic setting for their big day.

A Winter Wedding Can be Your Point Of Difference

With the undoubted popularity of weddings during the warmer seasons, a winter wedding alternative can be the starting point of creating a wedding delightfully diverse from the norm. From attire to colour schemes, a Winter wedding offers a celebration you can truly make your own.

The natural ambient glow of candlelight, together with a cosy, crackling fire is a simply stunning foundation to make a Winter wedding celebration a superb alternative to the more traditional reception settings. Simple, but oh-so beautifully effective.

Winter Menus and Warming Winter Cocktails

Warm, spiced mulled wine for your guests upon arrival.

Amazing Winter menu selections will also bring more options to the table, and a cheeky mulled wine or some signature winter cocktails offered to guests upon arrival will set the tone for a cosy, loved-up vibe.

Winter is, at the moment, considered off-peak wedding season, which could also mean some serious savings on catering and venue expenses.

The Obvious Advantage In The Weather Stakes

Photo courtesy of S6 Photography

More and more often these days, couples will be faced with the unenviable task of deciding - probably last-minute - what their wet weather alternative is going to be when 'unseasonal' rain arrives on their summer wedding day. (I officiated a wedding in February this year and the weather was a chilly 16˚c with constant sleeting rain... not at all what was expected during the months of planning a Summer wedding).

If you’re marrying in Winter, you don’t need to worry about whether you’re going to have rain, sun or whether it’s going to be cold. Your focus will be on creating a perfect indoor wedding, with a cosy, warm, romantic, loved-up vibe!

Beautiful Photography

Photo courtesy of What Pete Shot

It is a well-known fact amongst professional photographers that less glaring, Summer sunlight - such as the more subtle, softer sunlight in Winter - will produce beautiful, softly-lit images and create endless opportunities to capture bold, dramatic pictures that only a Winter sky can offer. And, unlike a Summertime setting, Winter wedding shots will have less shadowing effects on your face to contend with, and less squinting too!

No Heat-Stroke, Just Love-Struck!

Photo courtesy of What Pete Shot

We all love a hot Summer's day (well, most of us!)... but maybe not so much when you're dressed in a suit, standing in front of your nearest and dearest waiting for your beloved to walk down the aisle!

Not all of us deal well with warmer weather under these circumstances, it can lead to anxiousness followed by irritation, resulting in a hot, sweaty mess. And ladies - even a sleeveless wedding gown can hold some serious heat under the layers of that gorgeous material - makeup run is a real thing under these circumstances!

Wintertime takes away all of these distractions, allowing you to just take in the moment and enjoy every element of your wedding day.

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Jim Korny
Jim Korny
28 juil. 2022

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