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about me.



Around 25 years ago, (wow, that's scary!),  I was asked to sing at the wedding of one of my band members.  I hadn't considered being a wedding singer, as such - however, this supposed one-off performance developed into a casual career as a wedding singer, that spanned nearly all those 25 years!

Meanwhile, other elements of my work life inadvertently involved regular dealings with weddings, under my full-time position as an events  co-ordinator for an iconic Barossa winery.

So, my love of weddings has always remained, and after singing countless brides down the aisle, or helping in the preparation of many weddings and being witness to hundreds of wedding ceremonies wide and varied in nature and content, I decided to take what was the next natural step for me in my career - to become a Registered Marriage Celebrant!

Being able to be part of such a special occasion as a couple's wedding, having the honour of officiating their marriage and assisting them in entering into married life together, is a privilege I am proud of and very grateful for. 

Whatever your wish for the ceremony of your special day, I would be delighted to support you in planning the perfect ceremony, one that reflects both of you and your love for one another.

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