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My personal experience of loss, has allowed me a valuable insight into the needs and expectations required when families have to say good-bye to their loved one - having lost two children to a rare genetic disorder has lead me to a deep understanding of the importance of a fitting farewell.


I can assist families in the process of honouring the lives of their loved ones, of all ages, in a way they can be proud of, gaining a sense of peace and acceptance.

Please let me know if I can help you, during what I'm sure is a very difficult time.

Vicki - 0417 084 191



Dear Vicki,

We would like to sincerely thank you for your beautiful words and the gentleness that you brought to this occasion.  Your wonderful skill in listening to my family during our brief time together and translating that into a perfect representation of him and us is truly appreciated.  May life's blessings follow you always.                                                                                               


Dear Vicki,

The service for our little girl was wonderful.  You've done an absolutely tremendous job putting all this together and most definitely have a special gift.  Many thanks.


Thanks Vicki,  your writings for my brother's celebration of life are absolutely lovely, we’re so pleased.   We really do appreciate it all.  Thank you also for your kind words and manner to my mum the other day, I think it was exactly what she needed to experience and hear in what has been a particularly harrowing time. ♥️  


Vicki, I would like to extend our heart-felt thanks to you.  You represented us, the children of Lily, perfectly.  The service you wrote was beautiful, thoughtful and sincere.  With all our love,


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