your wedding, your way.



The ceremony of a wedding can seem like a daunting task to arrange, having to consider everything from legal documentation, to content of the ceremony, and everything in between.  


My assurance is to make this a stress-free process for you both - from the practicalities of preparing paperwork and addressing all options you will need to consider, to identifying and portraying your unique love story.


I will create an engaging, inspiring, unique ceremony so that your guests feel encouraged to really be present in the moment with you, and allow you to reflect on your story, which then sets the tone for your entire wedding day.


nicole & matt.

"Just wanted to send you a huge, heart-felt thank you for being a part of our wedding day. Your ceremony was so perfect for our day, personal & straight from the heart.  Loved it!   So, thank you!"

Nicole & Matt Crook.jpg

florrie & gary.

"For us the minute we spoke with you to confirm we could get married....we knew it was meant to be. From that point you made everything so straightforward for us, which we really appreciated since we were interstate. We appreciated the time you took to skype with us and every single detail you provided on the day, we felt very special and you were such an important part of the day, thank you so much!" 

cassie & kyran.

"Thank you for being our amazing wedding celebrant....! Thank you for all the back and forth of emails and thank you for being amazing on the day- we wouldn't have changed a thing. We are so glad you were the one to marry us.  Thanks for sharing our special memories."

Cassie and Kyran.JPG

arika & marcel.

"We wanted to say a very sincere thanks for being a part of our special day.  Many things happen for a reason, the  day we  met you is certainly one of these moments.
Thank you for making us feel so relaxed and comfortable during a very emotional day."

lee & pete.

"Thank you for making our wedding day perfect.  You have a gift for seeing people, reading their stories and putting them into a beautiful picture for others to see.  We have had many comments saying that it was the most beautiful ceremony that they had heard.  We agree!"

Pete & Lee Balogh 1.jpg

jess & jay.

"Your words captured us so well and (we) loved  your beautiful ceremony, it was all just perfect.  Thanks again for everything!"

sara & wayne.

"Wayne and I would just like to say thanks for your beautiful, personal ceremony on Saturday, a lot of people commented on how well it flowed and how well it told our story!"

Sara & Wayne.jpeg
Kimberly Noakes & Simon Norris (2).jpg

kimberly & simon.

"Vicki, it was the perfect day...... thank you so much for everything - you made us feel so relaxed and calmed our nerves so much!"

tahlia & alex.

"Thank you for making our ceremony absolutely perfect, and sharing our story with our family and friends so eloquently."

Tahlia and Alex.jpg

brittany & anders.

"We had the best time ever!!!! Thank you...... we had so many comments about how lovely the ceremony and you were!"